Pocket Door

I’m using a pocket door between the bathroom and kitchen; no space to swing a door.

Johnson Hardware vs. Hafele

Initially I went with a door frame and track provided by my door/window supplier – based on a Johnson Hardware 1500 frame and mechanism. $267 for the frame, track, slider mechanism, and 2-foot wide door panel.
However the metal bracing was lightweight and the framing had a lot of flex. Furthermore Hammer & Hand have a guide to installing pocket doors and they explicitly say:

Do not use Johnson Pocket Door Kit 1500, 1500HD, 1500SC, 2511, or 2000

Instead they recommend using Johnson Pocket Door Kit 2710 or 2711. They don’t give any reasons however I’d think it’s about durability.


My other concern was about maintenance of the track. All of the Johnson Hardware frames would require the wall be taken apart to replace a damaged track. Presumably the tracks would be good for a couple of decades or more of life, however, that didn’t seem acceptable to me.

After more research I settled on a Hafele frame and track. The framing is made of a sturdy wood/metal composite and the track slots into the cavity with no hidden screws at all allowing the track to be removed and replaced without cutting into the wall.

Hafele Slido Pocket Door

I bought the:

  • Hafele frameset from The Builders Supply in Austin, TX
    “HAF_94272000 Hafele 942.72.000 Pocket Door Frame Set, Slido” for $309.
    (this kit comes with a track – no need to purchase the track separately)
  • Soft-close slider set from Cabinet Parts
    “Slido Classic 40-P Fitting Set with 1 Side Smuso Soft-Close HAF-940.43.000” for $133.
Rough-In Framing Guide

Installation Gallery

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