Platform Framing and Internal Walls

The kitchen and bathroom are located on a raised platform providing 2 feet of utility space under the kitchen and space to stow a Queen sized bed under the bathroom.

My builder constructed the floor framing first and tied this in to the wall studs. The framing is supported down the center where the bathroom/kitchen wall will go by a 2 foot high wall built on a pressure-treated 4×4 resting on a rubber membrane.

A space was left in the kitchen corner for the hot water cylinder. The kitchen units will be built in such a way that the tank can be removed and replaced during the life of the kitchen.

There were are couple of options for the floor/wall sequence. i) Install the internal wall framing then lay down plywood sheathing (3/4″) between the walls. ii) Install the floor sheathing in one continuous run and then build the walls on top of the floor sheathing.
The builder recommended ii) floor sheathing first – there are several advantages – better isolation of the bathroom and kitchen from the utility space and bed storage area below. Better floor strength.

I was wondering how the internal walls would tie in with the rafters. One part of the bathroom wall aligned with a rafter so that was easy. Where they didn’t align he installed blocking between the rafters and the attached the top plate to that. Because of the angled roof it was easier to install one stud at a time rather than build as a complete wall on the flat and then raise into place.

Bed cavity and shelf for media equipment/TV etc on the right; closet on the left protrudes back into the shower space.

Overall internal framing

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I grew up on a hill country farm in New Zealand, then lived and worked in Hong Kong. I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2009. I'm presently renovating my 1929 "English Cottage" house in the Irvington Historic District.

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