Irvington English Cottage

My “English Cottage”-style 1929 house is located in the Irvington Historic District in Portland Oregon. I’m using this blog to document the renovation of the property.
I’m interested in building science, self-sufficiency, and resource use reduction, so many of my projects are oriented around using the latest techniques in these areas.
For example I have put in a rainwater retention system for irrigation, toilet flushing and laundry use. I’m on the waiting list for Tesla Powerwalls and a solar roof.
My current project is to convert the former garage into an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and my blogging will focus on this through Spring 2019.
I hope you find the information here useful. I find myself going through a large learning curve for each new project I take on and the more information out there the better.

Use the “Projects” and “Garage ADU” link in the menu to read through the project in chronological order or “Blog Posts” to read the latest project updates.