The ADU Feed comes off the house 200Amp disconnect panel and passes through a privately owned meter so that ADU power usage can be sub-billed. The line runs through the basement ceiling and then underground conduit to the ADU.

Two conduits were also run underground from the house to the ADU for data lines.

In the photo below – left to right: (1) 100 Amp power (2) Extra conduit from house for data (3) Data conduit (4&5) Extra conduit running to the ADU rear for future solar/storage.
There is also an outdoor power outlet to power a future ONT (Optical Network Terminal) should fiber internet be run to the ADU at some point.
The ADU panel is directly behind this wall.

Circuits were run through a 1.5″ wiring chase above the door to avoid having to drill a large number of holes through all the rafters. The heat pump cable-set and data cables were also run through the same chase.

Service disconnects for the AC and water heater heat pump were added to the rear of the ADU. Above them is the required power outlet for servicing the heat pump.

A media/comms box was mounted below the power panel to serve as a hub for internet connection, cable, and a modem. It’s possible to pull data cables through conduit from the house to this box.

An in-wall media box was mounted behind the TV location complete with recessed power outlet and conduit to channel AV cables within the wall.
Another media box was mounted behind the bathroom mirror location to service a future smart mirror.
The in-wall boxes were sourced from: https://www.standsandmounts.com/InWallGearBoxes.aspx

A recess was framed in the shower for an “Electric Mirror” lighted and heated in-shower mirror. The low-voltage converter box was located under the platform and is controlled by a light switch next to the shower cubicle. Electric Mirror is located in Everett WA. https://www.electricmirror.com/product/acclaim-fog-free-mirror/

As space is very limited in the ADU, my plan is to locate as many services in the ceiling as possible to reduce clutter on shelves. So I ran speaker cable for ceiling mounted speakers in the living room and bathroom. There is a CAT8 ethernet cable run in the ceiling for a ceiling mounted WiFi access point. I ran cable to connect Amazon Echo devices in the living room and bathroom ceilings – once again removing the need for a clutter of devices sitting on shelves. Get them all out of the way and put them in the ceiling.

These various data cables are just left under the insulation and will be drywalled over. I have carefully made a note of their exact locations. Then once the ceiling surface is finished and painted I will use a hole saw to cut through the ceiling, locate the cables and wire up the various devices: WiFi, speakers, Amazon Echos. This will greatly simplify the ceiling drywalling and finishing.

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I grew up on a hill country farm in New Zealand, then lived and worked in Hong Kong. I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2009. I'm presently renovating my 1929 "English Cottage" house in the Irvington Historic District.

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